Friday, October 14, 2011

Sample from The Man in the Unicorn Suit

After the unfortunate event with my brother the earth saw fit to reject my labor.I do not fault her for this nor do I fault the Almighty for suggesting that she do so. Notwithstanding, this turn of events has made my life a bit more complicated than the lives of my former brethren.

Of course I have found an alternate means of survival as is my right as a son of G'd no matter how strained that paternal relationship may be. Not to minimize or ignore that damaged relationship I will have it known by all that the Most High and myself have come to an understanding. For his part He has placed His a letter of his divine name on my brow and has agreed to forestall my well deserving punishment until that last day. For my part I have agreed not to kill anyone that ain't got it coming, which turns out to be such a rare breed of man as not to have inconvenienced me yet.


The Morning and Evening Star .01

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