Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Wolfman part 3 : Man in the unicorn suit chapter 9

Moving to a new place

I have not slept inside for months. Something happens to your body when it is never in Air-conditioning. It forgets that it should not be able to sleep on at 90 degrees on a breezeless night and remembers the still secret part of that night its pre-electric ancestors forgot to tell it about.

The killer followed me to Charlotte.
There were three eviscerations three nights after I moved here on the third.  

I should not complain and I really don't. I have a little pickup with a camper shell, a double bed and not too many belongings so I can still stretch out. You can get two good meals a day (if you are willing to be told that your predicament is caused by your refusal to accept Jesus.)  Taco Salad in the basements of Churches in black neighborhoods. Hot-dogs from a Calvinist by the chain-link fence over by the football stadium. Hamburgers at the wall by the shelter.    

The Walmart machine says my blood pressure is High Normal but my pulse is always over 120 bpm.

I had an understandable dislike of law enforcement. They accused me of the murder of my family and never bothered to follow any of the leads I gave them. [que laugh track here] Living Houseless leads to the men in blue exposing (or not bothering to hide) the side of themselves that rarely revealed to regular folks. Unless they have Youtube. 

I think it is important to say that the police in Charlotte are very kind. They loiter in gaggles on street corners chewing the fat. (I have never seen a Charlotte cop alone or not engaged in conversation).
When one of them tazed a black teenager to death he lost his job.

-"it has to be a satanic Cult or something .. following me for some ritual reason"-

Luckily or not there is no a small number of evangelical Christians on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department ready to do spiritual battle with the dark forces.
One of these spirit warriors took my story to heart. The holy ghost compelling him to my defense.

Sargent Evans, a man of biblical scope, a patriarch of a family of  with innumerable children, grandchildren cousins, half cousins and stray neighbor kids. He held degrees in theology and criminology.

-"I am a cop of the spirit as well as the body"-   

He was the one that figured out the monthly pattern. 

-"I think what we have here is a satanic Wicca cult"-

He also came to the more accurate conclusion that perhaps the devil was in me as well.

-"you have a generational curse a darkness in you. It is not your fault. Me and Jesus can get it out of you. I am a minister of deliverance"-

Various devils were rebuked.
Eyes glowed red.
A face lengthened into a muzzle.
teeth grew long and sharp.
A God was petitioned.
prayers were ignored.
shots were fired.
lead tore unfeeling flesh.
Teeth grabbed a throat and shook
and shook and shook.
A theory was disproved.
A wolf loped away.

The Morning and Evening Star .01

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