Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Witch: The Man in the unicorn suit chapter 4

The Witch
A witch is not the Earth mother at the health food store.
who pretends she can worship Diana 
without opening the veins of the hare or the hind.

There are no witches among the silly women who stand in circles 
with no malice or fear in their hearts
bleating meaningless constructions to vague forces

the witch stands in her circle alone
the blood of gods flows in her veins
Their is no metaphor of analogy in her
No Jungian prattle about archetypes 
words mean exactly what they mean she calls things by their real names.

to her (and it is always a her)
Diana is the women she put up peaches with last week
who owes her a 20 for sugar 
                   Odin and Zeus are the mean eyed men playing chess 
at the park
 (who do not start conversations with her but are deferential when she does.)
  There is no metaphor 
 the virgin huntress really owes her twenty dollars
         and the fathers of their respective families of gods 
               drop their gaze and hold their breath when she passes.


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