Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Wolf Man part two : The man in the unicorn suit chapter 5

My name is Oscar Mahlon, three years ago I was bitten by a strange wolf.

Poached eggs nestled in a bed of kale, bacon and Vidalia onions.There is a point every year when the Vidalias  come in and all the other onions flee from the grocery ashamed of tasting like onions.

Mike and Emily are still asleep in the back with their golden hair and chubby cheeks. Mary stands in the the sunlight that is streaming through the windows. pretending to be unaware of the sheerness of her skirt.

-"Get up kids we are going camping"- 

The rabies test came up negative the bite was superficial it did not even get infected 

-"it will leave just enough of a scar to make a cool story"-

The seagulls here are smaller than the ones in California they are white with black heads. Emily calls them Birdgulars because they look like they are wearing ski masks But their M.O. is aggressive panhandling and mugging.

-"Hey dad why are those seagull on that pelicans back?"-

Every time the big bird would come up with a fish two or three of the birdgulars would try snatch it from his mouth. They never got one while we watched. Never, we watched for hours. the gulls never got the fish and for some reason the pelican ,which is essentially a feathered pterodactyl , never attacked the little birds. They just lifted up their heads and swallowed the fish without opening their mouths. the gulls never had a chance.

-"birds are stupid."-  

We all know what happens at the end of this chapter. As a kindness lets let this character -myself- be.
Lets let him enjoy his last day with his family. Lets let him pretend that the air conditioner was not broken and  that he did not spend his last moments with the women he loved arguing about bills and laundry before stamping off to sleep on the couch in the wet and the heat. Lets pretend they loved each other.

Lets say that his chubby cheeked boy was probably not autistic and that he did not find a bong in his golden haired daughters room. Lets have him remember that he was happy. He has enough troubles ahead of him lets say for the sake of contrast they began on that night and things were perfect before.

-"I know but we have to exclude the husband on dental forensics"- 

The Morning and Evening Star .01

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