Monday, March 3, 2014

The Man in the Unicorn Suit Chapter 13 - The Ford at Jabbok

Jake pull to the side of the road to die. His wives and children had not eaten in two days he had not in five. He left them crying in the back and pushed his way deep in to the center of the corn.He had dragged them from Abraham to Moab from Jordan to Ephraim looking for work that was not found. He fell to his knees but no prayer came Jacob had no more to say to God. He knelt alone and felt nothing but alone when he heard the rustling. He felt the presence of something. Jakob held the un-metaphorical leg of God pivoted from two knees to one and took down the Creator of the Universe. Taking advantage of surprise - The Lord of Hosts not being in the habit of this sort of physicality- Jake secured the arms and neck of Jehovah with his own feet and shins and non-allegorically knelt on the back of The Most High. The Man Upstairs not being a quitter struggled and thrashed through the night and for the best part of the day but the Topologies and Physics He devised at the Creation and the strength of a man passed losing held him fast. In a particularly heroic attempt The Lord God's femur separated from His hip with a divine crack like too close thunder.
"You will let Me go."
"Bless me." whispered Jake
"You will Let me go I am the Lord Thy God."
"Bless me."
"Let me go and I will bless you."
"You will bless me first."
The Lord face down in the dry clods agreed.


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